Hunter Benchrest – Egg Shoot – April 30th


The classes are as follows:

  1. FACTORY SPORTER – Any standard hunting type rife with no modifications other than trigger job bedding and replacement stock (must be deer rifle style).
    • 6X limit on scope, Variable scope will be taped down to 6X.
    • No rebarreled guns or rechambered. Barrels must have factory markings.
  2. VARMINT CLASS – Any factory heavy barrel varmint rifle with exception of custom shop 40X, etc.
    • Stocks cannot have flat fore end or buttstock.
    • Trigger jobs and glass bedding allowed.
    • No rechambered or replacement barrels
    • Must have factory markings.
    • Any factory or custom action or barrel.
    • Any trigger, action or barrel.
    • No Scope Limit

All classes will be shot with 25 rounds for score on paper targets at 100 yards (5 targets with sighter target and 5 scoring targets). As many relays as needed – 5 scoring shots per relay. All classes repeat this at 200 yards.

Factory Sporter shot at 300 yards – 9X limit scope. All others shot at 500 yards

  • No scope limit.

For more information please call Gil Gross at (540) 721-3015

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Ranges closed

Range “A” & “B” will be closed on Tuesday and Thursday April 19th and 21st from 8:00am until 3:30 pm for High school Training.   Both ranges will reopen after 3:30 when the high scholars leave.

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Range “C” Closure on Sunday April 18

Range “C” will be closed on Sunday 4/18/2016 from 2:00 pm until 6:00 pm for new member interviews.  The range will reopen after interviews are completed.

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Bend of Trail Match Date Change

scheduleUpdateThe Bend of Trail match this month will be held on the 3rd Sunday of March, the 20th, and not the 4th Sunday, the 27th.

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NRA Pistol / Concealed Carry Class – April 30th & May 1st

9:00 AM until 5 PM on Saturday & 9:00 AM until 4 PM on Sunday with Range Time on both days.

 These two courses are for both the beginner and the experienced shooter, and satisfies the requirements by the state of Virginia for  a concealed carry permit. You will learn NRA Shooting Basics including safety, marksmanship, nomenclature, cleaning, shooting sports, and more. The Concealed Carry part of this class covers “The Five Rules for Concealed Carry,” where to carry and where NOT to carry, the “Three A’s”, what type of handgun you are best suited to carry, types of carry holsters, how to get your permit, plus more range time giving you an opportunity to shoot a variety of handguns that may help you decide what is best for you.

Pre-registration is required.  A $20 deposit is needed before the class to secure your enrollment. The cost for this class is $130 and includes handguns and ammunition. You are encouraged to bring your own handguns and ammunition, as well.

For additional information on this 2-day course, please call Rod Carter or Beth Christopoulos on (540) 989–1776.

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