Range Rules

  1. Personal Responsibility: each member shall be fully responsible for his/her actions, as well as the actions of invited family members and guests. See “Ethical Conduct Requirements and Standards”.
  2. Club facilities are for use only by paid-up members in good standing. Invited family members and guests must be accompanied by and in the presence of the member. Family members are spouse and children under the age of 18.
  3. Each member must have in possession a current membership card and vehicle sticker while on RRRC property.
    3a. All vehicles on club property MUST display a vehicle decal as issued with membership card. Exceptions are
    activities that are open to the public.
  4. Infractions of General or Range Regulations shall be reported to a member of the board of directors. A violation can result in any listed disciplinary action or in prosecution.
  5. No one “under the influence of alcohol or drugs” will be allowed to handle firearms while on club property.
  6. Designated ranges are closed for scheduled matches. Consult Match Schedule, RRRC newsletter and the RRRC web site [ www.roanokerifle.com ] for details.
  7. Scheduled matches unless otherwise noted on the current year Match Schedule are open for club members and general public participation and observation. Each scheduled match has a Match Director or a designated Range
    Officer whose duties include assuring that all General and Range Regulations and firearm safety rules are observed.
  8. Sporting Clays, or on Saturday and Sunday, 12 noon to 5 pm;
  9. Members are allowed to hunt on club property after attending the mandatory RRRC Hunter Orientation as regulated by the Hunting and Game Management Committee.
  10. A member may bring each guest a maximum of FOUR times per calendar year.
  11. A minimum of 15 hours of work during the period of January 1 to December 31 is required to avoid assessment of the Range Improvement Fee.
  12. The speed limit is 10 mph MAXIMUM on Gun Club Drive and on club roads. Slower speed may be necessary to avoid dust.
  13. Members are not to drive on any club road that is covered with snow or ice.
  14. Members are allowed to cut firewood only from dead and down trees; the firewood must be for their own use. Other cutting requires written authorization from the Board of Directors.
  15. No open, unattended fires are permitted.
  16. Membership and Board meetings: places and dates are published in the RRRC newsletter and on the RRRC web site www.roanokerifle.com.