High Power Match This Weekend!

We are all hoping spring is here to stay, but you never know this time of year. No matter the weather, we will be cranking up Highpower on March 18th.

Optics are legal now on service AND match rifles, so no more excuses! The rules have been relaxed significantly. If it’s not over .338 cal. and does not have a brake, bring it out and shoot.

Registration starts at 0800, rounds downrange at 0900.  If you have any questions contact Robert Wilson at rawilsonw@yahoo.com or 540-875-7554.

Bend of Trail – Cowboy Action Shooting at RRRC

Who knows what the weather will be like! We’ll be happy to help gear you up and show you the ropes! Our next match of 2017 will be March 26th.  Sign-in by 9 am on Range A.

Got questions? Give Tom Wills a call at 540.890.6375 or email him at Rowe-a-noc@mikesweather.org