DWF Forum Removed

Good Morning RRRC Members,

Due to the overall lack of interest in the DWF forum this feature will be removed from the site.  An option has been added to the website where you can send questions directly to all Board members.  You can access this feature by visiting the Ask the Board page.



RRRC Forum is up and running!

forumI would like to let everyone know that the RRRC Forum is up and running.  The forum will allow members to communicate with each other and post questions for the Board if you have them.

All members that provided us and email address should have received an email with your user name and password.  When you visit the site you will see a link in the right sidebar to log in or you can log in from the forum page accessed from the link on the menu bar above.

If you have any questions please let me know.

Thanks, Jody