Harvey Bulaski’s legacy lives on.

Small Bore Modified .22 MATCH – August 5

Harvey  started this match as a way to spend a fun and relaxing day shooting your .22 rifles and pistols, and we do just that!

There are 3 courses of fire: 2 rifle and one pistol. Entry fee is $10.00. This is a “shoot what you brung match.” We are not going to be sticklers about equipment. If you think you are a good shot or just want to have some fun, come on out and give it a try.  Those chickens, pigs, geese and rams will be out there waiting. Maybe waiting to laugh at you. Bring the kids – they might be a better shot than you!

This is a fun day of shooting at a relaxed pace. Our next match is on August 5th. Come on out and give it a try! Robert Helms, 389-3993