Egg Shoot

Everyone is asking, “What the heck is an egg shoot?”

It is a test of shooter and equipment!  The extreme challenge is to hit an egg at 500 yards.

ALL GUNS will shoot 5 – 2.5” clays at 330 yds. 5-2.00” square steel plates at 425 yds. and 5-4” clays at 500 yds. With 20 rounds only NO SIGHTERS, All in one setting, 10 min time limit. Shooters can shoot targets in any order. Auto tie breakes are by yardage.  

Eggs will be shot at 500 yd. with all guns. It is a heads up game.

All shooting is from our 20 bench covered firing line. Loading and cleaning tables under cover also.

Come Shoot

For more information contact Epps Foster 540-890-4973

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