New Work Hours Opportunities Added!

In an effort to make everyone aware of current work hours opportunities available we have created a  Work Hours Page.  When opportunities are available they will be listed on both the RRRC Home Page and the Work Hours page.  Currently the following opportunities are available:

Range Cleanup (Just added!)
As many of you may have noticed, our grounds are looking particularly clean and well maintained this year thanks to the help of a few dedicated members. We still need members who are interested in getting their hours by performing clean up duties. If you need to schedule your hours, and have a truck to haul the barrels to the dumpster, please consider stepping up and helping us out in this area.

Range Monitors Needed
We are seeking members who would be interested in monitoring the Members Only ranges during open matches to prevent non members from unauthorized use of our facilities. Duties include patrolling and monitoring the ranges not being utilized by the current match, and insuring that those using these ranges are members in good standing.

Please note, while we are not condoning, and will not tolerate ANY physical confrontation, you could find yourself faced with a non member who is verbally abusive. Due to this unfortunate possibility, applicants should be even tempered, feel comfortable in confronting possible trespassers, and have excellent communication skills.

For more information please contact Jackie Lapradd at 540-797-3961 or complete the form on the Work Hours page.