News from Boot Hill

Hello Gunfighters!!!

fastdraw_header_03I am sure you all are busy getting ready for the holidays. I hope you are not letting those six-guns get too rusty!! I know ODFD was taking a holiday break…. However…. I have some news for ya!!!

We are throwing together a match!!!!

Several things have been transpiring lately! Cowboy Fast Draw has still been on several folk’s minds and several opportunities are making themselves available! KATIE LOVE, a reporter for CHANNEL 10, wants to do a story on Cowboy Fast Draw, the Brazauskas family, and others! So we are going to provide that opportunity as well as provide a “Fast and Fun” opportunity to brush the dust off those holsters and six-guns!!!

We will be having a match on Boothill on SATURDAY, DECEMBER 29th! Old Dominion Fast Draw (ODFD) and The Roanoke Rifle and Revolver Club (RRRC) are working together to provide an opportunity to shoot for a worthy cause! This will be a combination “Charity Shoot” for SHOOT FOR THE STARS and also a bracket match to provide an opportunity to win some money back to pay for some of those Christmas expenses!! RRRC is being very supportive and generous by providing an opportunity for the match and allowing the fees collected to be donated to Shoot for the Stars.

fastdraw_header_01This is how it is going to work… Registration for the match will begin at 8:30am; safety meeting at 9:30, and the match will begin at 10am! The fee for the match will be $10 (no discounts) and all monies collected for it will go to Shoot for the Stars!! It will be a “LAST MAN STANDING” MATCH, ALL SHOT AT 15 feet! We more than likely will be shooting indoors in “Boothill Alley”. The match will be a “2 OUT OF 3” (not a 3 out of 5), 3X shotgun primered event. Our Virginia Shoot For The Stars representative, SLOWPOKE, is working to provide “special awards” to the First Place Winners in both the Men and Women’s Divisions. Youth Shooters will be shooting with the adults. Certificates will be awarded to the TOP 5 Placements in each Division. Rumors are floating around that there may be some chili and other delights available for donations to Shoot For The Stars. Slowpoke may have more to say about that at some time!

Then… immediately after the Charity match, we will begin a “BRACKET MATCH”! The fee will be an additional $10 and ALL of the funds taken up for it will be divided up between the winners of each bracket. Your quickest time from the Charity Match will determine which Bracket you will be shooting in. Men and women will be shooting together and there will be 3 brackets with the winner of each taking all the funds for that particular bracket as their winnings!!! The matches will be LAST MAN STANDING, 2X, 2 out of 3 events shot at 15 feet!!!

Both the Charity Match and the Bracket Matches are designed to go “quick” by being “Fast and Furious” matches. This will be a fun day, for a great cause, while also being great exposure for Cowboy Fast Draw, our Virginia Clubs, and for The Roanoke Rifle and Revolver Club!!! Wear your finest Gunfighter or Cowboy attire and be open to possible interviews from Katie and Channel 10!!!

Keep your fingers crossed for NO SNOW or any other weather that will prevent the match from happening!!

For more info or inquiries, feel free to contact me!!!

Hope to see ya there!!!!

aka Jeff Duncan
CFDA Regulator and U.S. Marshal
Old Dominion Fast Draw
Roanoke, VA