ODFD (Virginia) Gunfighter News 2-26-2013


We have a lot going on here in Virginia as well as in the East and Southeast! So I wanted to give you some info on several events as well as other notes of interest for our area. However, I would first like to express our heartfelt condolences to one of our friends and fellow Gunfighters… “Frankie Fartsmore” (aka Frank Realmuto). Frankie’s son, Andy passed away on Saturday. Our hearts are broken for Frankie and our thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family.

We had 23 Gunfighters to show up on a cold Sunday morning to battle it out in our February Monthly Match on Boothill. As usual, there were some awesome gunfights to go along with the normal “trash talking” and “back slapping” fun that we have every month at our home range. Congratulations go out to Shenandoah for his 1st Place win in the Men’s Division and to one of our Youth Shooters, Hot Lead Hooligan for her win in the Women’s Division. Great shooting!! For details on the balance of the match placements, visit our website.

February is almost gone!! Spring is just about here! That means warmer weather is soon to be on its way and shooting in “Boothill Corral”, our outdoor range is getting possible! Let’s keep our fingers crossed for March’s monthly match!

One of the goals for ODFD (Old Dominion Fast Draw) for 2013 is growing our membership including a focus on increasing our “Youth” participation. We have several plans in the works. Just think, if every ODFD member would make an effort to get one new member to participate and join our Cowboy Fast Draw Family, we would “double” our membership!! That means, more Gunfighters to shoot against, and more folks to add to our list of great friends! It’s a “Win Win” for our club and for Cowboy Fast Draw.

So… here are a couple of incentives that we want to remind you of as well as to add!!

Whenever you bring a “New Shooter” to a Monthly Match, you and the new shooter participate that day for free! You don’t pay for that match! We are continuing that incentive, it has been working for us! However, we are adding to that! For this calendar year (2013), if you bring four (4) new people that sign up before December 31st as members of BOTH the CFDA and ODFD, your ODFD Matches for 2014 will be FREE!!! This does not include 2014’s Virginia State Championship or a possible future Territorial Match. But it does include any ODFD Monthly Matches at Boothill AND any ODFD offsite matches as well (such as the 2014 Vinton Fall Festival). So… bring four new Gunfighters, sign them up, and you shoot ODFD 2014 Matches for FREE!! Not only is that a good deal for you, but also it is a great help to our Clubs growth and shooting opportunities. For any questions, see Spanky or myself for details!!!

Also, as a reminder we made some schedule changes in ODFD’s practice evenings and the date of our May Monthly Match. For dates and details, visit our website.

Now… as for March! We have TWO (2) Practice Evenings scheduled. The first is TUESDAY, March 5th. The second is WEDNESDAY, March 13th. Both are on Boothill and run from 6-9pm. The fee for practice is $10 with an additional fee of $10 if you use club ammo.

Our MARCH MONTHLY MATCH is scheduled for Sunday the 17th. Registration will begin at 8:30am, the safety meeting begins at 9:30 and the match begins at 10am. The fee for the match is $20 with an additional fee of $5 if you use club ammo. “IF” the weather permits and we are shooting “outside” in Boothill Corral, we will be shooting the first 2 rounds at 15’, the second 2 rounds at 18’, and the balance of the match will be shot at 21’. If we have to shoot inside Boothill Alley, the entire match will be shot at 15’. In either case, everyone will shoot 6 rounds with no one being “X’d” out. However, we will be keeping tract of your X’s and your times to determine the Top 7 Men and Top 7 Women to shoot it out in a Championship Format to determine the Top 3 Placements for awards.

April’s schedule and match format is pretty much the same except for the dates. Practices are scheduled for Tuesday April 9th, and Wednesday April 17th. April’s Monthly match is scheduled for Sunday, April 21st. The format for April’s match is the same for March’s match.

May will be a BUSY MONTH in the Ol’ Dominion! The Powhatan Peacemakers will be holding their Monthly Match at “COZY ACRES” on Sunday the 4th. Look for info to be forthcoming on that event from Melungeon in a future email. ODFD’s Monthly Match for May will be on SATURDAY, May 11th!! This will be a special match celebrating ODFD’s 5th Anniversary!!! Five years of Cowboy Fast Draw in Virginia! Come and celebrate with us! We will be conducting a fun match as well as having a special awards and presentation ceremony after the match while enjoying a “Potluck Dinner”!! Details will be following soon!

Then… several Virginia Gunfighters are “saddling up” and heading south to the “Sunshine State” (Florida) to participate in the VERY FIRST FLORIDA COWBOY FAST DRAW MATCH held by the “Ancient City Conquistadors” in Saint Augustine on Saturday May 18th. This is “history in the making” in Florida as well as for Cowboy Fast Draw on the East Coast! If you can, come and join us and the Florida Gunfighters for what will surely be a “fantastic time” with some really great folks at one of the nicest shooting ranges I’ve ever seen! I hope to see ya there!

Then, back to Virginia and New River Fast Draw in Dublin for their monthly match on Sunday, May 26th. “WOW!!!” Cowboy Fast Draw every weekend in May!! Life just doesn’t get much better than that!

And “last but not least”… “SHOWDOWN IN DIXIE, THE CFDA’S 2013 VIRGINIA STATE CHAMPIONSHIP” is scheduled for JULY 12th, 13th, and 14th! For details, check out our website!!

Whew!! That’s a bunch of dates and announcements! Cowboy Fast Draw is growing fast east of the Mississippi!! That’s providing plenty of new shooting opportunities as well as the benefits of adding to our lists of new friends and family. I hope to see ya soon!!!

Till next time!

aka Jeff Duncan
CFDA Regulator and U.S. Marshal
Old Dominion Fast Draw
Roanoke, VA
Cell 540-819-1697