ODFD (Virginia) Gunfighter News

Hello Gunfighters!!!

“AND WELCOME TO 2013”!!!!

There is soooo much happening in the East and South for Cowboy Fast Draw!! I want to share some of the news with ya!

But first, let’s talk about 2012!! This was a great year for Cowboy Fast Draw in Virginia. We now have 3 fully sanctioned and very active clubs. Their schedules for this coming year are filling up with regular monthly matches and special shooting events. All 3 clubs run smoothly and are growing while conducting some great and fun matches!!

At our 2012 Virginia State Championship, we crowned new Virginia State Champions…. Congrats to B.A., a Virginia Gunfighter for winning the title of the CFDA’s 2012 VA Men’s Division State Champion! And to a fantastic lady from Idaho, COOL HAND SUZ for winning the title of the CFDA’s 2012 VA Women’s Division State Champion. For a full list of our Champions and match placements, visit our website!!!

We had several “off site” matches as well! Including great matches such as the Joy Ranch Charity Shoot in Draper, The National Day Of The Cowboy Shoot in Buckingham, and the Vinton Fall Festival Shoot in Vinton. The Powhatan Peacemakers held a match at the Cozy Acres Campgrounds and New River Fast Draw held a Townsfolk Alley in Pembroke.

We then had our ODFD Club Championship…. “The Sweet Shoot” in November!! Congrats to our new ODFD 2012 Champions!!! B.A. for the men, Billie Sioux for the women, and Hot Lead Hooligan for the youth!

But we were not through yet!!! We normally don’t conduct matches in December because of the holidays… However! The Roanoke Rifle and Revolver Club, Slowpoke and I put together a Charity Match for “SHOOT FOR THE STARS”!! It was very successful and gave a boost to the already “huge” amount of funds gathered throughout most of the year for that charity. We also had a reporter… Katie Love… from channel 10 news to attend in preparation of another story on Cowboy Fast Draw and the success of one of our shooting families, the Brazauskas’s. We ended the day with a “Bracket Match that also gave 3 winners some ‘take home money”!!

Whew!!! Talk about busy!!

One very sad note about 2012…. We lost our good friend, fast draw pioneer, and inspiration, STAN SWEET. His namesake will continue each year at the “Sweet Shoot”, ODFD’s Yearly Club Championship. And fond memories of “Uncle Stan” will always remain in our hearts and minds as well as our Fast Draw Spirit in both Virginia and our friends in West Virginia.

2013 promises to be a very active year as well!!! The calendars for Virginia’s Cowboy Fast Draw season is filling up fast!! Monthly matches at all 3 clubs as well as “several” off site shoots!!! Hold on to your Cowboy Hats!! It’s gonna be a heck of a ride!! We will be posting matches as soon as we confirm the dates and details. Keep checking our website!

We have a practice night on “Boothill” Wednesday evening (16th), from 6-9pm. The fee for the practice is $10 with an additional fee of $10 if you use “Club Ammo”.

Our first monthly match on “Boothill” for 2013 is Sunday, January 20th. Registration begins at 8:30 am, the Safety Meeting begins at 9:30, and the match begins at 10am. The fee for the match is $20. An additional fee of $5 will be charged if you need to use Club Ammo. This will be a “3 out of 5”, shotgun primered event, 6 rounds shot at 15feet, no one gets “X’d” out. However, we keep track of your X’s and times to determine the top 7 shooters (Magnificent 7) in both the Men’s and Women’s Divisions. They will shoot it out in a championship format to determine the top 3 winners for awards. With the weather forecast for Sunday, we will surely be shooting inside Boothill Alley!

Our regularly scheduled match for May 19th will be a special match celebrating ODFD’s 5th year of existence!!! Can you believe it??? Time has sure flown by! We will be shooting a “Special Format” that day, details will follow! We will also be doing a “Potluck Dinner” after the match to help in the celebration and there will be some special awards given out immediately after! Mark your calendars to come and celebrate with us!!!

ALSO…. “SHOWDOWN IN DIXIE”, THE CFDA’S 2013 VIRGINIA STATE CHAMPIONSHIP will be held on JULY 12TH, 13TH, AND 14TH. Thursday the 12th will be a “Stand Alone Category Match Day” for VA. State Category Championships. The MAIN MATCH will be held on Saturday and Sunday (13th and 14th). Complete details are soon to follow!!!

Lastly…. Shotglass Shari and I spent a couple of days last week in Saint Augustine Florida running a “Cowboy Fast Draw Sidematch” at the “Siege at Saint Augustine”, the SASS 2013 Florida State Championship. We had a blast!! It was also a few days of meeting and spending some fantastic time with some great folks that are forming a Cowboy Fast Draw Club there!! These guys mean business and are on a roll!! Their enthusiasm for a Cowboy Fast Draw Club is really fantastic. Shari and I were warmly welcomed and their hospitality shown to us was just wonderful!! With the leadership and enthusiasm we saw there, Cowboy Fast Draw in Saint Augustine will be VERY successful. Rumor has it that Florida’s very first history making Cowboy Fast draw Match may be happening in April!! Stay tuned and I will keep you up to date and informed!! Shotglass Shari and I will definitely be there to help them out! I am sure they would love to play host to visiting Gunfighters from other states!! Saint Augustine is a beautiful place and a FASTASTIC vacation location. The range where they will be shooting is also fantastic… its called the Ancient City Shooting Range. It will surely be a great time with great folks!!

Exciting news for a busy 2013!!! I look forward to seeing you “on the line”!!!

aka Jeff Duncan
CFDA Regulator and U.S. Marshal
Old Dominion Fast Draw
Roanoke, VA
Cell 540-819-1697