NRA Pistol / Concealed Carry

Want to shoot a handgun better or get a concealed carry permit?

This 15 hour class is for both the beginner and the experienced shooter, and satisfies the requirements by the state of Virginia for a concealed carry permit. The beginner shooter will learn the basics as presented by the NRA including safety, marksmanship, nomenclature, cleaning, shooting sports, and more. The experienced shooter will review basic skills to improve marksmanship, correct problems in marksmanship, or you can introduce a new shooter to the sport by attending the class together.

The concealed carry part of this class covers “The Five Rules for Concealed Carry”, where to carry and where NOT to carry, the three A’s, what type of handgun you are best suited to carry, types of carry holsters, plus an opportunity to shoot a variety of handguns that may help you decide what is best for you.
Pre-registration is required. A $20 deposit is needed before the class to secure your enrollment, and to ensure that enough materials and ammunition are available for you.

The cost for this class is $130 and includes handguns and ammunition, if you do not have your own. For additional information or to register for this class, please call Rod Carter or Beth Christopoulos at (540) 989-1776.

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