Instructors Workshop

  • Pistol: Basic Pistol Instructors Course: 2 nine-hour days
  • Shotgun: Basic Shotgun Instructors Course: 2 nine-hour days
  • Rifle: Basic Rifle Instructors Course: 3 seven-hour days.
  • Home Firearm Safety: Home Firearm Safety Instructor Course: 10 hours total.
  • Range Safety Officer: 1 eight-hour day.

NRA Certified Instructor ratings are for trainers who want to conduct basic firearm training courses and work at the grassroots level.

To become a NRA Certified Instructor you must:

  • Demonstrate a solid background in firearm safety and shooting skills through satisfactory completion of a Basic Firearm Training Course and experience in shooting sports activities, target shooting, experience in hunting, or other firearm-related activities.
  • Meet the age requirement: certified instructor, 21 years of age or older; assistant instructor, 18 years of age or older; apprentice instructor, 13 to 17 years of age.
  • Certified and assistant instructors must satisfactorily complete an NRA instructor-training course in the area of specialization they wish to teach (e.g. NRA Basic Pistol, NRA Basic Rifle etc.) and receive the Endorsement of the NRA Training Counselor in Charge.
  • Range Safety Officer Course is for individuals who wish to be qualified to oversee safe handling and shooting of rifles, pistols and shotguns as prescribed by the range standard operation and under the direction of the Chief Range Safety Officer.
  • Complete the appropriate NRA instructor examination with a score of 90 percent for certified instructor and RSO and 85 percent for assistant and apprentice instructors.
  • Submit the application along with the appropriate processing fees and the endorsement of the Training Counselor in Charge.
  • Quality training depends on individuals who uphold NRA training standards, especially safety. NRA standards require trainers to diligently prepare for courses, carefully practice the lessons, enthusiastically deliver instruction, and continually improve their own training skills. NRA trainers reward students who display the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitude with course completion certificates. Often the trainer’s greatest reward is the satisfaction of contributing to the development of an individual’s personal growth and self-confidence.
  • NRA Certified Instructors are strongly encouraged to be active and share their knowledge and skills with others by conducting or assisting in teaching at LEAST ONE NRA-APPROVED TRAINING COURSE ANNUALLY. NRA basic courses include the NRA First Steps orientation program, Boy Scouts Merit Badge Program, 4-H Shooting Sports Program and many other selected organizations.
  • NRA Certification as a trainer is a privilege, not a right. The NRA reserves the right to withhold, suspend, or revoke credentials at any time at its sole discretion, if it determines revocation to be appropriate. Trainer agrees to conduct training that meets NRA requirements or standards and if these standards are not met the NRA may terminate the credentials after investigation.