Renewals have been mailed.
Remember to complete the questions on the reverse side.
All paid invoices must be post marked by April 15.
Gate access will be terminated on May 1 if payment not received.
There is a $10.00 service fee to reconnect the gate card.
All questions are to be directed to VP Gary Feazelle 540 855 4459.


First Aid Class that covers a wide range of common emergencies found in industrial and business settings. This is two-hour course that includes lecture, demonstration, and hands-on participation by students. Certification period: 2 years. Cost per student $40.00. Call/Text Gary 855-4459 before March 20th.

Basic NRA Pistol Certification Course. One day class that is in person and includes qualifications on the range. Fee for class discounted for members. Call/Text Gary 540-855-4459

NRA Range Safety Officer Course- Free to members. Call/Text Gary 540-855-4459


As we get nearer to better weather, Buildings and Grounds will be continuing the outstanding job they have done in improving club property over the past several months.
This will provide ample opportunity for members to get their work hours for 2021, and will included work parties, as well as individual assignments.

If interested please contact Bill Cash at 540-875-7435

Long Range 22 LR Match

Roanoke Rifle and Revolver Club is now holding a long range 22 LR. Match.

  • May 29th, July 31, Oct 30th

The match will be steel from 50yds. to 250 yds. Side shoots may run 330yds. and beyond. Most shooting will be from Benches with Bi-Pods and rear bag or sand bags and rear bag. No machine rest. Some stages may be shot from Barricade or barrels. No movement. Steel will be gongs from 12” to 1”, spinners 1” to 3/16”

RRRC has a 500yds range with 20 bench covered firing line with tables behind the benches. We shoot rain or shine.


Factory: (base gun price will be $700.00) with factory stock and trigger. Trigger job is ok.

Open: anything goes.

Cost will be $20.00 per gun with $ 10.00 coming back to the shooter. You can enter 2 different guns, if time permits

Chamber flags are required at all time. Until shooter is told to load and make ready.

Match will be 5 to 6 stages with a round count from 60 to 100 rounds. Bring extra for shoot offs may be needed.

Registration at 9:00 am  Match starts at 10:00 am.

Shooter should bring lunch / snacks and water.

Contact : Mark Schronce 540-835-3151

Email rmschr@icloud.com and rmschr@comcast.net