Cowboy Action Shooting

Single Action Shooting Society

Our posse gathers the forth Sunday of the month from January – October weather permitting. Sign up and safety brief at 9AM. Cowboy Action is fun and challenging. We dress in “old west” attire, and shoot period correct firearms including single action revolvers, a lever action rifle and either the Winchester Mdl. 87 pump or double barrel shotgun. Yes, this is a four gun event.

Bend of Trail has hosted the Virginia State SASS Match, “Start City Shootout”, at RRRC since 2002. That starts the Friday of Labor Day weekend and ends on Sunday.

All are welcome to watch these matches. You are also welcome to try a scenario during our monthly match if you like.

For more information contact Gary Feazelle aka RedRider Slim, SASS Regulator at 540-855-4459 or at