Egg Shoot



ALL Guns will shoot 5 – 2.5” (60mm) clays at 330 yds. 5 – 3.5” (90mm) clays at 425 yds. and 5 – 4.5” clays at 500 yds.

Targets will be shot in 3 relays: 300 yards, 400 yards and 500 yards.  7 rounds 5 minutes each relay.  Targets will be scored after each relay to give time to cool barrels.  Can only have 7 rounds on bench when relay starts, shooters having more than 7 rounds will be disqualified for that relay.  No replacement for misfire. AR platform rifles will be given time to load clip (7 rounds only). Auto tie breakers are by yardage target size to be determined at shoot off.

Entry Fee: $40.00 per gun – up to 3 different guns
Open Sight-In Period: Between 7:00 AM and 9:45 AM
Registration: Begins at 8:00 AM
Match: Starts at 10:00 AM


  • Limit .30 caliber and smaller
  • All shooting will be from bench

Benchrest Guns

  • Anything goes
  • 30 lb. limit
  • No rail guns
  • Spotter is allowed

Hunting / Tactical Guns

  • Hunting / Tactical guns are guns that are re-barreled, restocked with Hunting or Tactical stock muzzle brakes and, most anything goes, but NO benchrest stocks or plates added to stock with a rest.
  • All good if you shoot from a Bi-pod 20 lb. limit.
  • Spotter is allowed.

Factory Guns

  • Pure Factory class – Trigger job or replacement, and bedding only.
  • No plate can be added to the stock.
  • Muzzle breaks, factory and after-market are allowed.
  • No factory custom ex 40X, Cooper.
  • May use by-pod or front rest with rear bag. No one piece rest.
  • Spotter is allowed.

Printable 2020 Star City Egg Shoot Flier

Please contact Bill Cash at 540-875-7435 or Eddie Webster at 540-420-0795 for more information

Looking Forward to Seeing You There!