Work Hours

Each year a Range Improvement Fee is assessed for each member in addition to the regular Club dues. Currently, this fee is $225 and it goes toward accomplishing larger Club improvements. It is possible to avoid this monetary fee by doing work for the club. These are referred to as Work Hours and each member can work up to 15 hours per year at a credit rate of $15/hour. New members are assessed this fee on a prorated basis according to when they have joined.

There are numerous Work Hour opportunities. For example, a member should coordinate with the following liaisons (listed in web site and Firing Line), directly and ask about needed work:
Work Hours
Match directors (see below)
Buildings and Grounds
Skeet Range
Announcements in the Firing Line and web site

Alternatively Work Hours are available for Range Monitors on the days of matches when the gate will be left open. We also represent the club by having members at the information table at Gun Shows. Some assignments are reserved for members who have documented physical disabilities.
I coordinate Work Hours for Range Monitors, Gun Shows and large matches. In order to get credit for Work Hours you must first sign up with me or those listed above.
Work Hours are quickly taken, so if you want them contact me as soon as possible. Always record your hours including the date, times, project and leader.
You are responsible for seeing that a copy of this information is submitted to the Membership Committee (club POB) by 12/31 of the year.
Work Hour Questions call Hugh English at 540-330-7730 or email at